Texas Independence Day is here and so are the Primary Elections

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Yee haw! It’s Texas Independence day! On this date, back in 1836, The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed by 59 people, giving settlers in “Mexican Texas”, the opportunity to break away from Mexico, creating the republic of Texas.  That brought on the Battle of San Jacinto in April of 1836. There, Texas would battle for it’s true independence from Mexico and win.

Why is this so important to us now?? Well it’s Texas Primary Election time and it would really suck to have gone through all that battling for nothing, so get out this year because you’re a Texan and you earned it. The final day to vote is going to be on Tuesday March 4th, so make sure you have your I.D card.

Some of the candidates in this years primary election gaining traction? Democrat Wendy Davis, running for Texas Governor, Republican David Dewhurst out of Houston running for Lieutenant Governor and Republican John Cornyn, the incumbent for the United States Senate.

There wasn’t much politicing in Houston over the weekend leading up to the primary’s, but we caught up with Cornyn when he was in town for for the Rodeo Launch this weekend. He said, “It’s really important for people to turn out and vote, because that’s the way your voice is registered, that’s the way your views and your values are communicated, so everyone seems fired up and I hope we have a good turnout in Harris county on Tuesday”

So there you have it, turn out to vote on March 4th, or forever hold your peaace. We got ourselves a gubernatorial race coming up. Yee haw!


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