Texas lawmaker wants strippers to take a class, wear license

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AUSTIN, TX – Strippers are in the crosshairs again. A new bill proposed in the state legislature wants exotic dancers in Texas to not only get a license, but wear it as they entertain.

It’s a law that already exists in Houston.

To get the license dancers would have to meet certain requirements: Be at least 18 and complete a course about human trafficking. No one with a criminal record that includes prostitution, obscenity, public lewdness or sexual assault would be licensed.

Those who get the license would have to display it, including their real names.

Representative Bill Zedler, yes you guessed it, a conservative Republican from Arlington, thinks this will discourage girls from the industry while making it safer.

Some are concerned showing real names on the certificate will do the exact opposite; make the entertainers a target for predators.

Guess if they can’t force the clubs to shut down, they’ll just go after the weakest link, the dancers who gain the least in the whole equation.

The question that comes to mind; where put it?

They could always just get tramp stamp… huh?!


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