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ROSENBERG, TX – If you’re planning on voting in the March 4 Texas primary, it’s time to listen up. Things are going to be a bit different when you head to the polls. Texas secretary of state Nandita Berry paid a visit to Rosenberg to clear up some of the changes.

The most important thing to remember?

“The biggest reminder we want to give people is that it is the law in Texas that they need a photo ID,” Berry said. “So if they go to the polls they’ve got to take a photo ID.”

Valid forms of photo ID include everything from the traditional driver’s license and passport to a concealed handgun license.

And if you’re busy on primary day or just don’t feel like waiting in line, don’t worry, you can still vote. Head to the polls from February 18th through the 28th and get your vote in early.

Sounds pretty simple, right? So no excuses – it’s time to head to the polls and do your civic duty.