Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office releases report on 2013 Southwest Inn fire

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HOUSTON, Texas - Planning, or the lack of, seems to be one of the hot topics for the Houston Fire Department after a report was released by the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office.

We all remember the motel fire that killed four firefighters in May of 2013.

The state's fire marshal report says the Southwest Inn motel had no pre-fire plans.

Houston Fire Department Chief, Terry Garrison says, "We try to get into every structure and we try to learn as much as we can about this structure, by doing a pre-fire plan and that is get into the structure prior to actually having a fire.  That was finding  number one.  We did not do that with the Southwest Inn fire."

That fire was the deadliest day in HFD history and dozens were left injured after the roof collapsed.

Radio communication became ineffective at the scene, causing firefighters unable to locate each other inside the burning building.

Another issue, the Houston Fire Inspection Division says the building was not equipped with a fire sprinkler or an automatic alarm system.

A previous report said people in the restaurant, inside the motel, smelled smoke three hours before anyone called 911.

Now that's some info that might get people fired up.

There is a bright side to all these findings, though.

Chief Garrison says, " The report didn't identify any negative effect that we were wrong in our decision making or risk management."

So, HFD did their jobs.  Unfortunately, the Southwest Inn may not be able to say the same.


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