Texas tallies Rick Perry’s travel expenses

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AUSTIN, TX – There’s a certain sense of relief for parents when they finally get to stop paying their kids’ way. Texans might feel the same way about former Governor Rick Perry.

Finally, he’s out of the mansion and we don’t have to foot the bill for the presidential hopeful’s jet-setting ways. But from 2011 until the time he left office earlier this year, Perry racked up an enormous bill for his out-of-state travels.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the state paid about $1 million a year to transport, feed and house his security detail. The food bill alone for that period was over $600,000.

In October 2013, Perry traveled to Tel Aviv to announce plans to open a Texas A&M campus in Nazareth. The total cost for that was over $13,500.

In September 2014, Perry flew to Beijing to meet with business leaders, which cost $18,000. That’s just a tiny taste. The numbers don’t include the last couple of months of Perry’s tenure, so the final tab is expected to be even higher.

Republican State Rep. Lyle Larson of San Antonio is tired of the outrageous out-of-state travel costs. He’s introduced a bill that would require elected officials to reimburse the treasury for travel costs that aren’t related to ‘official state business.’

If House Bill 159 passes, you can bet future governors of Texas will be taking a lot more ‘stay-cations.’



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