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HOUSTON, TX – Do you know what lies at the end of a rainbow? Social equality.

On a sunny day, a wide variety of folks devoted to putting an end to discrimination, met at the University of Houston campus to discuss ways to help transgender students thrive in college.

“The Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit is a gathering of individuals who are interested in making campuses… a more transgender friendly place,” said Maria Gonazalez, one of the organizers of the summit.

College is a time when people discover and start to express who they really are. Even though our society has come a long way, the transgender population continues to feel vulnerable.

“An example of discrimination could be…,’ elaborated Gonzalez. ‘If I were a transgender female… In many universities don’t allow you to stay in a women’s dorm.”

Social workers, activists and legal experts exchanged ideas and strategies. But they all agree in one thing: Houston is open, diverse and welcoming.

“Our city is a great city,” said Jenifer Rene Pool, candidate for Houston City Council at large. She is a transgender female who believes that the bayou city, “welcomes everyone here to make the most of their lives, and I think by doing so, by being open with one another, we can make the city better.”

And if we may add, we can build a more inclusive nation too.