HOUSTON, Texas  (KIAH) – Climate Central has released a new WeatherPower year in Review study that shows where the most wind energy was produced in the United States in 2021. Our State of Texas ranked #1 in MWh. MWh (megawatt hours) is a measure of electricity generation produced. The average household uses about 1.7 MWh per day.  

According to Climate Central’s study, “The contiguous U.S. generated an estimated 606,000 GWh of wind and solar electricity in 2021, up to 16% of electricity consumed”.  

Climate Central

Our peak production day was December 15th when the state measured 716,789 MWh. Nolan county is our highest producer within the state and sits between Midland and Abilene. Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa recorded over 32000+ GWh (gigawatt hours) for 2021. Iowa and Oklahoma are known for their windy days, but Texas has such a large coverage area that our numbers top them both! Our massive state also has the necessary land needed to hold massive wind farms. Smaller states don’t have this advantage. Texas produces about a quarter of the entire nation’s wind energy.