Those bills in your pocket could be worth thousands


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DALLAS, TX – Those bills sticking out of your booty pocket may be worth more than you think.

There are people out there willing to pay cash for money. Yeah, sounds crazy, but it’s true.

These folks at Cool Serial Numbers, for instance, are looking to buy and sell paper money with cool, or unusual, serial numbers.

Here’s an example. A $1 silver certificate with seven zeros followed by the number 1 (00000001) could fetch thousands of dollars.

If it had a number 2 instead of a 1, it could be worth 2,500 Washington’s.

This five-spot with all nines could be worth a lot more than $5.

Uncle Sam will roll out the redesigned $100 bills in October. And the folks up at Heritage Auctions in Dallas say the new Benjamin with the serial number 00000001 (seven zeros in front of the one) could bring $10,000-$15,000.

So, when you get home, check that wad of cash. One of those dirty bills could fetch a pretty penny.


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