THC University offering Growing Marijuana 101 classes

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DENVER, CO – It’s never a good idea to go to school stoned, but this university seems to encourage it.

Welcome to THC University and according to its promo, it’s ready to take “higher learning” to a whole new level. Yes, the Colorado school will be the first to offer training on professional marijuana cultivation. The class, called “Growing Marijuana 101” is already sold out. 20 students stopped rolling their joints long enough to enroll in the Denver biased program, that takes advantage of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana. They don’t call it the mile high city for nothing!

Although THC U. isn’t affiliated with an accredited university, it does use classrooms at a real campus in Denver. One major drawback to the location, weed is actually not allowed on the school grounds, so the student will have to learn with tomato plants rather than marijuana plants. But even with this setback; we’re pretty sure all those enrolled will smoke their finals.

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