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HOUSTON — According to CDC, the flu has peaked for the season, but don’t get too excited. Doctors say we aren’t out of the woods yet. “It’s been a really long flu season it’s nice that its peaked. It’s still well above the average that we’ve had for the last two seasons, there’s still lots of flu going around we are now getting strands of Influenza B, so we’re not going to taper off very fast we are just switching from one strand to another,” said Melanie Mouzoon, the Managing Psychian for Immunization Practices at Kelsey Seybold.

Doctors have seen a reduced number in sick patients and hospitalizations, but Mouzoon said you should still be on the lookout for these symptoms for at least another month: “high fevers red runny eyes muscle aches feeling like you can’t get out of bed a little bit of nausea, but it’s mostly body aches and cold symptoms.”

Although 114 children have died since October due to the flu, doctors still recommend getting a flu shot for your kids. “The vaccine has been more effective in children than it has in adults so if you’re children have not been vaccinated I would still get out there and get their doses in,” said Mouzoon.

Take if from the pros, look out for the signs, wash your hands, get a flu shot, and most importantly listen to your body.