The exercise that predicts your death

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Brazil, where life is all about moving, dancing, jumping and doing everything else as if you were moving, dancing or jumping.   So, it’s no surprise that Brazilian physicians have developed the “Sitting Rising Test”, a simple method to predict how long you’re going to live.

This exercise is reportedly intended for folks aged 51 through 80, to assess their musculoskeletal fitness.  If you fail badly, then you’re twice as likely to die in the next six years.  Dramatic as it sounds, it’s fairly simple: starting in a comfortable position, you’re supposed to sit down without losing your balance, and stand up without using your hands.

People can score a maximum of 10 points.  A point is deduced each time you use your hand or knee for support.    But don’t be disappointed if you don’t succeed.  Some cultures may not be as used to sitting on the floor as others.  Maybe that’s why our doctors ask patients to sit on a chair instead.  Who knows?  Talk to your physician before doing something crazy, would you?

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