The Heights has a new donut shop that will make you want to hug someone

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HOUSTON, TX – The donut can be viewed as a basically beautiful sweet morning snack, or, if you’re Matt Opaleski, consider it a blank canvas for a morning meal masterpiece.

Opaleski and his business partner Jason Hill are known around the Bayou City for their food truck, H-Town Streats, and now, they’ve settled into a store front in The Heights doing delicious donuts that will make you want to hug them. It’s called Hugs and Donuts.

“We do ‘heartisan’ donuts. So, it’s a little bit different. We try to do exotic and different flavors as well as some of the basic stuff,” explained owner Matt Opaleski.

No one is coming here for basic, but if you have a traditionalist in your breakfast club, they’ll be satisfied with tasty staples. On the flip side, Hugs & Donuts menu is eccentric and ever-changing.

“The lemon meringue pie donut has been a big seller. The maple bacon is a big seller, and we just started a chicken and waffle cone donut that’s really good,” listed off Opaleski.

The creativity doesn’t stop there. The menu is also booming with gourmet kolaches and locally-named ‘Cinna-Bun-B’s’. The shop has only been open a couple of months, and business is booming, but chew on this, Opaleski did not expect the positive response they’ve received.

“It was a huge surprise, but everybody was not surprised, except for me. Everyone was like ‘you didn’t think you didn’t think you were going to be busy with your new place in the heights and it’s donuts?’ but you just don’t go into it thinking there’s going to be lines out the door.”

Opaleski says the long lines took some getting used to, and required some extra hands in the kitchen, but he says they crew is starting to find their groove. Once you try one of their amazing good morning goodies, you’ll be grooving, too, and lining right back up for another donut and maybe even a hug.



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