The highs and lows of Leap Day 2016

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HOUSTON, TX – Today could be considered the oddest day of the year by “leaps” and bounds. Today is Leap Day. February 29 comes about every 4 years and because of it 2016 will be a little longer than 2015. That’s because the sun takes a little longer than 365 days to make its trip around the sun. These left over, extra fractions of days end up throwing our calendars out of whack.

Another day, another dollar. Well, not according to some who think many work calendars don’t account for this extra day. Meaning some salaried and contract employees might not be getting paid today. But according to economists, that is just a myth. Salaried employees are usually paid on an annualized basis, meaning it all gets worked in at the end of the year.

So, leap days aren’t as bad as you think. If you happen to be born on February 29, you’ll be younger than most of your friends, because your birthday would come every 4 years. Then there are the freebies. McAlister’s Deli is running a promotion, which those who show proof of ID that February 29 is your birthday will get a free cookie. Kind of makes you want to jump for joy.

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