The Houston Rodeo is a good time but do people know its history?

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HOUSTON, TX – We’re down to the last few days of the Houston Rodeo.  We all know it`s all about good times and good food, but we wonder if folks attending know anything about rodeo history?

We posed a few questions which most folks didn’t know the answers. What year was the first rodeo?  Two out of five got the answer right with 1932.

Next question, which performer appeared at the rodeo the most times? Only one got it right, with the correct answer being Charlie Pride.

What was the highest amount ever paid for a junior market grand champion steer? Once again, only one person knew the answer: $101,000

As you can see, not everyone  is familiar with rodeo history, or trivia.

What we do know is that it raises lot’s of money for education scholarships, and that’s something we can all saddle up to.


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