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HOUSTON – Lions, and tigers, and … Pokémon!? Turns out The Houston Zoo is one of the best places in Houston to try and ‘catch ‘em all.’

“The Pokémon app took us by surprise a little bit, you can look around and see a lot of people playing it on their phones, You can learn a lot about your favorite animals, you can kinda see some parallels with the app some of the Pokémon look like animals we have here,” says The Houston Zoo Spokesperson, Ryan Draper.

Where else are you going to be able to take photos of some of your favorite Pokémon with their real world look-a-likes?

And The Houston Zoo is packed with landmarks! They have over 25 Poké-stops and there’s a gym on grounds. On top of all that, it’s a safe place to play.

“We took it upon ourselves to check where all the Poké-stops were, you can access all the zoo has to offer as far as Pokémon goes in the public spaces.”

Just make sure, whether its the kids playing, or mom and dad, take some time and look around at the really rare creatures in town.