The meaning of St. Paddy’s Day

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HOUSTON, TX – Two Irish guys walk into a bar… Only two? Thousands, millions! Today is St. Patty’s Day; the day when both religious and secular folks agree upon one thing: beer tastes good.

So get ready to break another Guinness record, alright?

Some serious statistics – probably produced by a bunch of designated drivers – say the consumption of Guinness beer worldwide more than doubles on St. Patrick’s Day, compared to the rest of the year. No wonder why folks end up dancing Celtic dances with people they’ve never seen before.

In today’s world, everybody knows one or two things about beer. But who really knows what St. Patrick’s Day stands for?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He died on March 17th, 461, and is regarded as the man who introduced Christianity to the island. The holiday is celebrated in many countries including Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina, where you won’t find many Irish people around, though happy drunken locals will tell you they saw a leprechaun; or whatever they call it in Spanish.

So, go dress in green, drink responsibly and have fun ’til the last drop.

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