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HOUSTON, TX – With each crushing loss, the Texans edge further and further away from any Super Bowl hopes in 2015. But when it comes to “The Big Game” at least Houston knows: if you can’t beat’em, host’em!

The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee gave football fans their first look at the official logo for Super Bowl 51, being held right here at NRG Park in 2017. So even if you don’t like how the hometown team is playing, the city is still representing with the new logo.

Past Super Bowl logo’s typically highlighted one of the hosting city’s local landmarks. This new design uses symbolism to represent the modern Texan, so the committee choose a logo that portrayed the proud “lone star” spirit of Houstonians. The new logo features a Texas star with a football inside of it.

So, even if the Texans don’t make it to the Super Bowl in 2017, Houstonians have something to look forward to, but better start saving now. An average Super Bowl ticket could cost you roughly $3,500.