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HOUSTON, Texas —  Some young people may not even know what a typewriter is, but Monico Villalpando does, and he`s bringing them back to life. Yes, the typewriter is making a comeback.

“Certain forms, certain contracts that the computer will not type. They got to have carbon which is a very rare thing now a days but they still use some of the carbon and have they have to type 3 to 5 page carbons,”
explained Villalpando.

But that`s not the only reason.

“They want to become writers and they want to know what a typewriter is all about.”

For others they are just a beautiful pieces of art.

Villapando, one of three typewriter repairmen in Houston says the sounds of the keys striking the paper attracts many people.

“A lot of people still love these old machines.” said Villalpando.

And you don’t have to worry about typewriters crashing, unless you drop them.