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Grego gives his two cents on the topic of infidelity.

“‘Simon Says’ addressed why cheaters cheat!  I also wanna talk about cheaters.. as in infidelity!! We learned thirty percent of dating app ‘tinder’ users are married!!  Not that surprising.  The king of cheating – Noel Biederman has made a fortune with website  What was one of their slogans??  ‘Life is short, why not have an affair?!’  Not everyone will.. however cheating  husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends happen. Why?  Well for the unmarried, I feel it`s just that, you`re not ready to settle down.. you`re thinking about it but you still wanna try all the flavors (like on those little spoons at the ice cream shop), before you buy the cow..not a fat joke, think Blue Bell.  For the married who cheat, it`s complicated.  The pressures of raising a family can pull husbands and wives apart merely because the quality time you once had to spend together goes away… gradually at first with babies and more and more as your kids grow and the demands on your time become greater. Women need romance, a sort of buildup to the main event and if you`re not around or she`s not until evening and bedtime that doesn`t bode well for intimacy. You`re too career focused to notice your woman and be flirty/ she`s too busy being ‘mom’ and stressed to make you feel attractive and wanted cause she`s not feeling sexual. Yes ladies, men want to be lusted after too! Suddenly someone, maybe at work, shows you attention, makes you feel sexy, it`s been a while, the excitement makes you perhaps feel young again and you crumble and cheat! I don`t have the answer, not passing judgment, I`m just puttin’ the ‘why it happens’ out there.. tough it out or don’t. My only real advice is don`t set up a profile on tinder or any dating web site because after this commentary, spouses from here to Oklahoma are going to be creepin’ on one another!!