The Rams going to L.A. remind Houstonians of when the Oilers left Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – Hate ya blue and gold. Must be what St. Louis rams fans are feeling, now that their home teams headed for sunny Los Angeles, California. After all, they were born there.

The Houston Oilers left a “home of a dome” for the pastures of Tennessee back in 1996 when Bud “the Stud” Adams was calling the shots. Not that they ran the field better any better over in Titans country.

But things in the Bayou City always have a way of working out. In ’99 Bobby Mcnair brought Houston a new team. The blue may have been a little different but we love these boys all the same.

So, St. Louis, we know how you feel, we also got a brand new stadium. And the best part we’ll never have to share it with anybody.


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