The science behind dog food

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ST. CHARLES, MO – See Spot eat, but did you know there’s cutting edge science in the creation of dog and cat food? The folks at visited AFB International in Missouri where they make flavor coatings for dry pet food.

These coating entice animals to eat food or treats that while nutritious, aren’t part of their native diet; but let’s face it most of our pets aren’t living off the land. And though they might love a plate of spare ribs, it wouldn’t be good for them.

Some people think dogs will eat anything, not so. Things that smell good to us may not to them and vice versa. Scents like ‘cadaverine’ and ‘putrescence’ tend grab a dog’s attention. They would probably make us vomit.

AFB International’s research shows cats love food coated with Pyro-phosphates — it’s like kitty crack. Who knew?

So the next time you’re buying chow for Fluffy or Fido, remember the chemistry behind the kibble.


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