The sun is about to flip

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THE SUN – Something big is about to happen on the sun.

The folks at NASA who watch these things say the sun’s magnetic field is about to flip. And it could happen around turkey day. That’s Thanksgiving, everyone.

When it does, Earth and the entire solar system will feel it.

But this is nothing new. It happens every 11 years, at the peak of each solar cycle. When the solar polar switch-a-roo occurs, the sun will be halfway into solar cycle 24.

Your mama always told you not to look directly into the sun, but the folks who get paid to keep an eye or two on the sun say the changes in the sun’s polarity will ripple all the way out to the edges of the solar system, out where Voyager is speeding away.

And it will affect space weather.

It could create conditions that harm astronauts, and it could disrupt communication on earth, like telephone calls, and radio and TV signals.

But, scientists don’t think the solar polar flip will create another Carrington Effect by zapping everything that runs on electricity, throwing the world into the dark ages.

The last one in 1859 created auroras, or northern lights, seen as far south as Cuba. It also disrupted telegraphs, the hi-tech communication of the day, causing sparks to fly.

Telegraph operators unplugged the batteries, but the telegraphs continued to work off the electricity in the air

NASA doesn’t think the sun’s polar shift will mean the end of the world, but, just asking, what if the Maya calendar was off by a year or so?


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