The wine you drink may contain more than you expect

The wine you drink may contain more than you expect

According to blogger Chris Knox, Trader Joes Two Buck Chuck wine uses hands-free, mass production so the wine may contain bad grapes, leaves, birds and even rodents.

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HOUSTON, TX – You all know the saying’ you get what you pay for.’ Well, sometimes you may get more than you bargained for.

According to  blogger Chris Knox, that`s the case with Trader Joe`s Two Buck Chuck wine, selling for $2.99.

Knox took to the internet claiming  because of hands-free, mass production, Two Buck Chuck may contain bad grapes,  leaves, birds and even rodents.

Houston winemaker Ryan Levy says that may not be far from the truth, “Harvesting mechanically, doing everything mechanically, making huge volumes of juice and then doctoring it up with chemicals to taste good.”

Unlike the more expensive wines, where  “Everything is done by hand.  Handpicked, hand harvested, hand selected and then made by hand.” said Levy

The Bronco Wine Company says, “The production process of Charles Shaw wines, known as Two Buck Chuck, is a completely state-of-the-art, top-rate process with extreme quality control in place every step of the way.”

Whether the blogger’s claims hold any water or not, if you’re paying less than 3 bucks for a bottle, you don’t have room to whine!


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