HOUSTON (KIAH) There are lots of dogs of all ages and breeds up for adoption across the Houston area. Two special puppies now up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society visited with us at CW39 Houston. Muffin and Karma hope to find a new forever home so now is your first opportunity to make provide that for the two super pups!

Meet Muffin! Muffin is just two months old and up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society. The Houston Humane Society said “she is sassy, sweet, smart, and very snuggly.”

“Muffin has the best personality! She is a true Texas Heeler puppy who turns anything into a toy or game. Muffin plays well with dogs, cats, even by herself. She loves to cuddle and “Bluey” is her favorite show to watch at nap time. Just add love and a little training to see Muffin grow up to be the best dog in the whole world!”

Houston Humane Society

Karma, just 8 weeks old, is also up for adoption. The Houston Human Society said “she has a calm demeanor, is attentive, and shows great potential for strong obedience.” She was found playing in the street with her sibling before being put up for adoption.

Get adoption fees waived in Pasadena

as you prepare to provide a forever home for a new puppy from the Pasadena Animal Shelter. The Shelter is still finding homes for puppies after tornado destroyed the building a couple of months ago. More at CW39.com.