Craigslist ad offers free weed with purchase of smoking accessories

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COLORADO – Colorado has been a buzz since legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana. Now they’ve found a way to get their buds out on the street, by giving it away for free.

Well, not exactly free.

Under Colorado’s medical marijuana law, a business must be medically licensed to dispense the herbs.

But Amendment 64 which is intended for recreational use says that if you’re over 21, you can give up to an ounce of weed to anyone over 21. And where else would you give away your free weed?

Craigslist, of course!

One ad offers a “free sack” when you buy thirty dollars’ worth of smoking accessories. Another ad simply says buy some of our junk.

With freebies like these; the altitude won’t be the only thing high in Colorado.



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