Things that turn 30 this year

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WORLD – After some research we found that 2013 holds 30-year milestones for things that helped mold the world into the place we live today.

You see in 1983 chicken McNuggets first appeared, Microsoft Word was released and the Disney Channel debuted, which all made significant impacts.

But there’s more; the camcorder came out, the American minivan debuted and Michael Jackson took that legendary moon walk across the stage for the first time.

The first Swatch watch was sold, Plinko was first played on The Price Is Right and Return of the Jedi and A Christmas Story were first released. 1983 also saw the first Nintendo gaming system.

Who could have predicted that Weird Al, R.E.M., the Stairmaster and Hooters would all find life in the same year?

Of course you’ll need money for these things, 30 years ago the average income was $21,000, the average house price was around $70,000, a new car cost about $5500, interest rate’s were around 11%.



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