This bar gives ‘watering hole’ a whole new meaning

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LOS ANGELE, CA – Los Angeles restaurant Ray’s and Stark Bar has announced a new menu with, get this, twenty varieties of water from around the world.

The restaurant general manager; Martin Riese is kind of like the Bobby Boucher of Los Angeles.

Not only is this guy the boss, he’s also a water sommelier, one of only a few in America apparently and he believes that the water paired with food has a significant impact on the way our food actually tastes. That being said, he’s compiled a list of fine waters to compliment the restaurants Mediterranean inspired menu.

For most, it’s wine or beer that gets paired up and sampled with food. Want to sample all the “finest waters” earth has to offer? Well for twelve bucks you can get the water sampler and drink away.

The best part is that this “water bar” is located in none other than the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. So you know, after they get you in the gift shop for a fifty dollar t-shirt, you can head over to Ray’s and Stark and get some tasty exotic twelve dollar water.


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