This Foreign Policy food truck serves up donut bacon cheeseburger

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HOUSTON, Texas -- It's no secret in the food truck business that you've got to shake it to make it. After all, no one bellies up to the window of one of these bad boys looking for health food. And when it comes to funky, deep-fried fusion, no one is shaking their money maker better than the guys at Foreign Policy.

"It was a little difficult," says owner Ray Rodriguez. "We tried many different recipies, we tried many different countries. We tried Korean we tried Mexican and Greek and we liked those a lot but we also tried Indian food we tried Chinese food we tried South American food."

And when none of those worked quite the way they hoped, they did what any radical food pioneer would do: they mixed it all together and put a stamp on it. The result is a line of folks waiting for Korean fries with Kimchi and queso. or Ray's famous donut bacon cheese burger.

"Our donut bacon cheese burger has been very successful, thank god," Rodriguez laughs, "and people have liked it and nobody has died from it so far."

"It's a good burger," customer Jason White says. "You've got the sweet from the donut, the crispy bacon and the fried egg tops it off."

But before you think the menu here is the work of a certified madman, chew on this: owner Ray Rodriguez is a true-blue culinary school graduate with roots right here in Houston.

"I went to the University of Houston Hilton College of Restaurant and Hotel Management," he says with a grin.

In other words, if you wake up in the morning with Korean cheese fries on your face and a half-eaten donut bacon cheeseburger beside you, then you have no one to blame but yourself, and the entire staff at the University of Houston.

Because in Houston, that's how we roll.


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