Three questioned in shooting of Ferguson cops

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FERGUSON, MO – Missouri SWAT teams took two men and a woman out of a house in Ferguson for questioning in Wednesday night’s shooting that put two St. Louis County lawmen in the hospital in serious condition.

Josh is a Ferguson resident who lives near the house. “When I got closer up my street, I saw the police with their guns drawn walking up to the home. And by that time, they already pulled the two gentlemen out. And they were bringing a woman out in handcuffs with her child.”

The shootings occurred around midnight, toward the end of another night of demonstrations in front of the Ferguson police station.

Earlier in the evening, as many as 150 protesters were on the streets, some of them fighting each other, in what otherwise was a peaceful event. Peaceful, that is, until shots rang out.

“We saw the muzzle fire from up the street so we all just kind of ducked down,” said protester Bradley Rayford. “And once we got down, we saw the cop was shot right next to us.”

One bullet hit a St. Louis county police officer in the shoulder and came out of the middle of his back.

“The Webster Groves officer is shot right here at the high point of your cheek, right under the right eye and the bullet lodges right behind his ear and that bullet is still with him,” said St. Louis County’s police chief Jon Belmar.

President Obama tweeted that violence against police is unacceptable.

Attorney General Eric Holder described the attempted assassinations as “heinous”, “cowardly”, and an “ambush.”

“What happened last night was a pure ambush. This was not someone trying to bring healing to Ferguson. This was a damn punk.”

Relations between the cops and the community were already strained. The attempted murder of two lawmen has only made a bad situation worse.



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