Time capsule reveals treasures from 1795

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BOSTON, Mass. – Time travel is not always something out of science fiction. Time capsules are great ways to go back into the past.

Workers in December found a time capsule by accident while trying to fix a water leak near a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House in Boston, placed there in 1795 by two of America’s most famous revolutionaries, Paul Revere and Sam Adams, who was governor of Massachusetts at the time.

Experts from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts opened the box Tuesday and found at least 24 coins, some newspapers, the seal of the commonwealth, and other historic items.

“At the very bottom of the box was a wonderful silver plate, probably made by Paul Revere and engraved by him,” said Malcolm Rogers, the director of the Museum of Fine Arts. “That was the treasure, the end of almost an hour’s searching through the things in the box.”

Experts will restore the box and its contents, and then put them on display in a museum before replacing them in the cornerstone for future generations to discover, in their own time.



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