Tips for finding “the one” from Houston’s millionaire matchmaker

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HOUSTON, TX – Why’s it so hard in our city of more than two million people to find “The One”? Sure, Disney’s wavy-haired, square-jawed, muscly princes have ruined every little girl for regular guys. But there’s still hope, at least according to Jamie Rose, Houston’s Millionaire Matchmaker (yes, she’s got that trademarked!). She’s had more than 70 of her matches lead to marriage (just one divorce), so if you’re single, you might wanna take notes.

“Literally, what I’m doing when I’m matching my clients,” Rose explains, “I’m not going for the opposite. I’m going for the male or female version of yourself. And sometimes my clients are like, ‘Oooh… I don’t wanna date a me.’ You know, ‘I don’t wanna date a male version or a female version of myself,’ but that’s what makes a match. If you’re on the same page, like your value system is the same. You have your common interests and you just kind of live your life in the same way… those are things that I have to look at closely when I’m matching my clients.”

For more on Jamie’s matchmaking techniques and how she goes about screening clients, read her story in this month’s Houstonia magazine.


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