To Protest and Serve

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As protests continue throughout the country and tensions continue to run high, the American people look to solve what they believe is a broken criminal justice system that divides people from the police.

“We’re already divided. And what we have to do is open up our eyes, the only thing that’s changed in regards to police brutality in the black community is that we have cellphone evidence of it.” Said culture and consciousness radio host and student minister for the Islamic Nation, Robert Muhammad.

While Dallas continues the healing process after last week’s violence, chief of police David Brown proposed an interesting solution.

“Don’t be a part of the problem. We’re hiring. We’re hiring. Get off that protest line and come join us.” Expressed Chief Brown.

The idea of protesters becoming cops might seem like bizarre movie plot, but could something big really happen if those fighting the system started serving in their communities?

“By diluting the force with people that are rooted in those communities, i do believe that reaching out in a really hands on way, its not a bad idea.” Said a Houston resident who preferred to be anonymous.

“There needs be a collaboration between the community and the police, but they need be really committed to change for it to work.” Thought David Atwood, the president of the HPJC.

Maybe a community based police force would help to combat some of the problems ingrained in the system.

“I’ve suggested many times that the police force be made up of community to better understand our folkways, norms, values, and attitudes. I think that would reduce tensions and possibly reduce deadly encounters.” Declared  Muhammad.

“The more there’s an us an a them, the less likely we are to achieve what we all deserve which is equality and justice.” Said the anonymous resident.

Chief brown’s invitation to protesters may not change things over night, but at least it’s sparking a conversation.

“In order for a better community in the future, with less violence, we do need to talk to each other. All segments of the community need to come together and look at what’s going on and be willing to change it.” Said Atwood.



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