HOUSTON (CW39) From baby animals to a milestone birthdays for a royal, we’ve got today’s talkers covered.

New baby aardvark born at San Diego Zoo

We’re told the aardvark cub is doing well and developing quickly. The female cub was born May 10 and will nurse from her mother, Zola, for about six months. It’s the zoo’s first first aardvark birth in nearly four decades — so it’s a pretty big deal. Zookeepers say she’s very active and has tripled in size in just five weeks. Now she doesn’t have a name yet, and you won’t be able to see her for about two more months.

Cruise ships introduce sports betting

Feeling lucky? If so, I’ve got good news for you. You’ll soon be able to bet on your favorite sports team at sea. Carnival plans to begin offering mobile sports betting and kiosks on ships, adding to its array of gaming options that’ll be available in just a couple of months. It’s the latest addition to an industry that’s become a massive money maker in less than five years.

Prince William turns 40-years-old

Cue the music! Prince William turns 40 this week. The world watched as Prince William grew from a schoolboy, to a dashing air-sea rescue pilot, to a balding father of three. This year he is expected to assume an increasingly central role in the royal family as he prepares for his eventual accession to the throne.
That was clear two weeks ago when William took center stage at the extravaganza concert marking Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne.