Tourist’s selfie train video earns him deal with licensing company

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HARTFORD, CT – It’s never a good idea to stand too close to railway tracks — ever.

Connecticut Senator, Richard Blumenthal, found that out the hard way.

The senator was holding a press conference about train and rail safety, when he was just inches away from being hit by a train.

What’s that saying again? Practice what you preach.

But he’s not the only one who was thrown off track.

You might remember Jared Michael, a tourist in Peru, who stood next to a railway track as he recorded a video selfie.

To his surprise, he was whacked in the head with a big black boot. But his selfie-gone-wrong could send him straight to the bank.

After more than 23 million online views, Jared inked a deal that could earn him up to $250,000.

But please folks, don’t try this at home or near a railroad; you could get derailed.

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