Toxic cough syrup killing Pakistanis

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LAHORE, PAKISTAN – People in Pakistan are killing themselves with cough syrup, but that’s not their intentions.

At least 16 people died in Lahore after taking toxic tonic. Pakistani police have started a murder investigation into the factory that puts out Tyno, that’s the brand of cough syrup linked to the deaths. And police have cleaned the shelves of the stuff.

Doctors say the ones who died were between 20 and 45-years-old. And reports say some of victims were drug addicts.

At least 100 people died in Pakistan earlier in the year from bad heart medicine, and bad cough syrup is responsible for mass poisonings around the world in recent years because people guzzle it down to get high, and if contains industrial solvents, which is sometimes the case, people end up with a permanent cure for what ails ‘em.


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