HOUSTON (CW39) — Traffic in west Houston was at a standstill Thursday morning as an 18-wheeler snagged a wire from overhanging traffic signal lights and dragged it, forcing power lines and light poles to snap.

A witness told CW39 what he saw when the truck ripped through the intersection of Westheimer and Dunvale.

Jae Cho said he arrived at work early from school when he saw the accident happens at 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

Cho said that he was driving eastbound in the 8600 block of Westheimer and Dunvale and noticed a low hanging traffic signal that stretched across the intersection. He parked his car in front of where he works.

He was in his vehicle parked in the lot at the corner of the intersection. He was parked a just a couple of minutes when he saw a big rig drive eastbound on Westheimer snagging that low hanging intersection signal wire.

I saw the truck drive by carrying the wire that was there. He drove under it and I guess it caught on to the corner of the truck or something and he just pulled the cable line, took down the whole pole. And everything just came crashing down. The wires all the way down here we’re all shaking all over and everything just came apart it was pretty interesting. It was just all out of the blue.

Jae Cho

Traffic signals were strewn throughout the intersection and a lot of wiring was also torn down. A power poll was snapping in two across the street from where it happened. Cho also said the driver did not stop.

Police arrived quickly to close off the intersection and the surrounding intersections in both directions. They had pedestrians clear the sidewalks incase of any other hazards. Xfinity, CenterPoint and emergency crews were also on scene to begin repairs.

Diverting traffic, police asked all vehicles including an 18-wheeler to drive through a smaller driveways to maneuver through the area.

The scene is still active and expected to take some time to clear.

Alternate routes include Richmond Avenue, I-10 the Katy Freeway and the Westpark Tollway.