Transgender man makes history as first man to give birth to his own baby!

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DURAN, Ecuador – Here’s one heck of a twisted tale!

A man has made history by giving birth to his own baby!

Yes, it’s an historic world first for this transgender couple.

Fernando Machado, used to be a woman, and two years ago he met his current flame Diane Rodriguez online, but she who used to be a man named “Luis.”

Back in 2013, Rodriguez made headlines in Ecuador when “she” was the first transgender candidate to run for a government office.

Now, “she” has captured headlines again since her partner, Fernando, discovered he was pregnant.

The two are able to have children because neither have undergone sex change surgery, so all their original parts are still intact and functional.

So, now their union has come full circle with this little bundle of joy.

They say, “Our son is not only a blessing, but he also promotes love.”

Fernando says when he first learned he was pregnant, he “started crying with happiness, fear and dread.”

And now that he’s delivered his first child?

He says, “Wow, at last, I am completely happy.”

And now we have a trans-family first!

….But we’re still confused.

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