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HOUSTON – Welcome back to storm surge. Harvey’s on the horizon and expected to hit the Texas Coast line as early as Friday morning with the Bayou City well in its path.

The National Weather Service says the tropical depression and could possibly strengthen into a hurricane as it makes its way across the Gulf. They also say the storm has the potential to stall, causing potential dangerous flooding in the area.

That alone has the community of Meyerland looking over their shoulders. Meyerland is one of the areas hard-hit in the Memorial Day floods of 2015 and 2017, and the Tax Day flood of 2016.

In the neighborhood, some new — or newly-rebuilt homes —  are standing tall to meet flood guidelines from the City of Houston, while just next door, established homes are left with the chance of high flood waters seeping in.

And even with the bayou widening project not yet complete, this community says they’ll be ready.

The Office of Emergency Management is urging Houstonians not to panic just yet.

It may possibly be a wet weekend, so do your best to stay dry and, above all, be safe out there!

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