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HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) It was busy in the Tropics over the weekend, as Tropical Storms Odette, Peter and Rose formed just days apart from each other. Making for a total of 17 named storm of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season to date. None of these newly formed storms are likely to pose a threat to the United States.

According to Colorado State University (CSU) Meteorologist Philip Klotzbach “Only two other years in satellite era (1966 onwards) have had 17+ Atlantic named storms by September 19: 2005, 2020.”

Philip Klotzbach/ Twitter

CSU has also issued its next two-week (Sept. 16-29) Atlantic Hurricane forecast and gives slightly elevated chance of near-normal activity (50%) relative to above-normal activity (40%). Below-normal activity over next two weeks is given 10% chance of occurring.

The list of names for 2021 are: 

  • Ana (AH-nah)
  • Bill (bill)
  • Claudette (klaw-DET)
  • Danny (DAN-ee)
  • Elsa (EL-suh)
  • Fred (frehd)
  • Grace (grayss)
  • Henri (ahn-REE)
  • Ida (EYE-duh)
  • Julian (JOO-lee-uhn)
  • Kate (kayt)
  • Larry (LAIR-ree)
  • Mindy (MIN-dee)
  • Nicholas (NIH-kuh-luss)
  • Odette (oh-DEHT)
  • Peter (PEE-tur)
  • Rose (rohz)
  • Sam (sam)
  • Teresa (tuh-REE-suh)
  • Victor (VIK-tur)
  • Wanda (WAHN-duh)

Hurricane names cover only 21 letters of the alphabet because of how hard it is to find a name that starts with Q, U, X, Y and Z for each of the six rotating lists.

Beginning this year, a list of supplemental names for tropical cyclones will be used instead of Greek letters.