Troubled bar transforms into biker church

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CHESAPEAKE, VA – A troubled Virginia nightclub cleans up its act, transforming into a house of God that caters to bikers.

This building in Chesapeake was once Blakely’s Nightclub. It was plagued by crime and complaints. Now it’s known as the Freedom Biker Church.

Jeremy Scott is a member and says everyone is invited to come as they are.

“If you’ve got tattoos, if you want to wear short sleeves, tee-shirts, if you’re life is a mess, come without thinking you’ve got to clean it all up. Don’t feel like you have to clean your clothes up, clean your language up, that stuff doesn’t happen, as far as wanting to come here. Just come and show yourself and we’ll meet you where you are and love you with the love of God,” Scott said.

The pastors who founded the church opened their first biker church in Virginia Beach. Both are avid bikers.



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