Trump and Clinton big winners in Super Tuesday 2 (or 3) primaries, Rubio packs it in

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MIAMI, FL –  After Tuesday’s primaries, Florida has a new favorite son: Donald Trump.

It used to be Sen. Marco Rubio, but that’s before he lost to Trump big time then announced he suspended his campaign.

But look on the bright side. Rubio could run for president of Miami-Dade County, the only county he won.

Trump easily took Illinois and North Carolina, but only beat Ted Cruz in Missouri by less than one percent.

Trump lost Ohio, the day’s other big prize that was a must-win for homeboy John Kasich.

Hillary Clinton won all five contests, but as with Trump, Missouri was not an easy victory.

She beat Bernie Sanders by two-tenths of one percent, or just 531 votes.

The New York Times looked at the free coverage Trump gets, and it’s pretty amazing.

Trump has spent around $10 million on paid advertising. That’s a whole lot less than the other current and former candidates.

But he’s received nearly $2 billion in unpaid coverage from the news and social media.

That’s about what all the other candidates received combined.

And that doesn’t include the ten cents in free coverage we just gave him.

The Republican Party canceled next Monday’s debate in Salt Lake City. Trump already said he wasn’t going to be there. And now Kasich says he’s not going if Trump’s not going.

That left Ted Cruz to debate himself. But Ted’s been known to do just that, becoming his own most interesting man.

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