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NEW YORK CITY, NY – With Trump sweeping the votes in five states on Tuesday, it seems like it would be pretty hard now for the so-called Republican anti-Trump camp to stop this train.

What started as a joke, kind of… has become a national phenomenon. Whether or not you like the billionaire, one thing is for sure: nobody should claim to be surprised by the way he attacks opponents or gets media attention; because he wrote about his tactics 30 years ago in his book “The Art of the Deal.”

“First,” he wrote, “the press thrives on confrontation. They also love stories about extremes, whether they’re great successes or terrible failures.” Here’s what he wrote about an opponent to his real estate deals in his book: “Davis, who happens to be terribly overweight, should focus on losing 200 pounds instead of wasting time trying to break my deal.”

That’s just one excerpt. But Donald Trump is already a symbol of the 2016 presidential election.  From real estate mogul to reality TV star to presidential candidate, to… who knows? All in one orange package. He’s definitely getting a few pages in the history books. And no doubt they’re gonna be best sellers too.