Trump on Kimmel agrees to debate Bernie Sanders, The Weeknd boycotts appearance

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LOS ANGELES, CA – “The Donald” stopped by Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.  As usual, the presumptive Republican nominee was feelin’ himself.

As far as Democrat drama, he says he’s enjoying watching Clinton and Sander’s go at it and says it’s “getting nasty”.  He also claims he’s never “had the privilege” to meet Sander’s in person.

Trump might get his chance to meet Bernie.  While on the show he accepted a challenge from the Democratic candidate: to debate him in California before the primary.

But there’s a catch. Trump asked, “how much is he going to pay me”?

At a North Dakota press conference Thursday,  he claimed the money is in the people’s interest. “If we can raise for maybe women’s health issues  . . .  10 or 15 million dollars for charity.”

Sanders’ is ready for Trump to feel the Bern.  He tweeted “I am delighted that @realDonaldTrump has agreed to debate. Let’s do this in the biggest stadium possible”.

Also set to appear on the show, The Weeknd and rapper Belly cancelled once they found out Trump would be there.

Even though Trump has said “everybody loves him” it’s clear these two don’t!




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