Trump supporter who salutes “cardboard Trump” everyday, gets on stage with POTUS

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MELBOURNE, FL -- President Donald Trump hosting a rally for an election he already won makes little sense. But a man at his rally, saying he salutes a cardboard Trump on a daily basis, makes even less sense!

Gene Huber, met his idol during a rally in Florida, after being invited onto the stage by POTUS himself.

"I got a six foot cardboard box of President Trump in my house. I salute that every single day. And I pray and tell him, Mr. President, I pray for your safety today. And I'm not lying," says Huber.

Clearly, the president is a fan of the man. As his supporter tried making his way on stage, Trump told Secret Service not to throw him out. Instead, POTUS requested Huber join him. "No, no! Come here. They're gonna throw him. Come on up! . . . He's been all over television saying the best things!"

While on stage, Huber showed love to Donald Trump. "During the election, he promised all these things that he was gonna do for us. I knew he was gonna do this for us!"

"A star is born," said Trump after Huber finished praising the new president.

It definitely sounds like a once in a lifetime experience for Huber. "He said that he loves me . . . I do, with all my heart, because he fights for us each and every second" says the avid Trump supporter.

Yet, the situation is raising serious questions.

Skeptics believe this moment may have been staged; hence, creating a fake news scenario.

If not, the president might have been putting his own safety at risk, by telling the Secret Service to allow the man on stage.

Regardless, this moment gets an "A" for entertainment!


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