TSA agents fired for groping scheme

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DENVER – A pair of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents has been fired for groping allegations.

Their scheme, long story short, was that one male worker would apparently signal to his female colleague (operating the scanning computer) when he thought a good-looking guy was about to walk through the machine. She would then deliberately tell the computer that the subject was a female—which would signal an anomaly in the genital area. Then the male agent would do a pat down of the passenger's front groin and butt with the palm of his hand, which is against TSA policy.

It reportedly took the agency three months to get to the bottom of this after a whistle-blower brought it up, but they ultimately caught the groper and partner in-action.

Sexual assault charges were briefly considered, but prosecutors say they can’t press charges without a victim identified.

The TSA released a statement calling the actions "egregious" and "intolerable."

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