TSA collected nearly $2 million in loose change from passengers

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – With all the talk about budget cuts and elimination of services, federal agencies are looking for creative ways to raise the money they need to operate. And, as a taxpayer, if you think Uncle Sam is nickel-and-diming you, then you may be right.

The Transportation Safety Administration has picked up nearly $2 million in nickels and dimes and other loose change left behind by passengers running the security gauntlet.

The TSA admits that it pocketed more than a half million dollars last year from passengers who dumped their change in those annoying plastic bowls, then forget to collect their money because they were too busy collecting their wits after being felt up and patted down.

Here’s what TSA says it collected from all that loose change:

2012 — $531,395.22

2011 — $487,869.50

2010 — $409,085.56

2009 — $432,790.62

So what happens to the money? Good question. The TSA says it makes every effort to reunite passengers with their money, but when they can’t, the extra change goes to help beef up security.

Who knew with all that talk about hope and change, they really were talking about change. Pocket change.

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