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USA – With the holidays coming up, you or someone you know will probably be traveling to see friends and family which means going to the airport.

It also means going through Transportation Security Administration security checkpoints.

So, the TSA is watching us but who is watching them?

The TSA has fired nearly 400 employees for allegedly stealing from travelers.

Traveler Scott Lindsey said, ‘I think it’s a shame.  We come in here trusting their going to do their job. They’re supposed to be protecting us and they’re taking stuff from us as their checking us in. It’s a shameful thing to do.’

They aren’t just stealing from your checked bags, agents have been accused of taking iPads and other valuable items accidentally left in the tray when people empty their pockets at security.

Airports should put up a sign saying, for your security, make sure a TSA agent doesn’t steal your things.

The top three airports across the U.S. for TSA employees fired for theft are: Miami International airport firing 29 employees, New York’s JFK International airport firing 27 employees and Los Angeles International airport firing 24 employees.

And get this; here in Houston, George Bush Intercontinental airport is ranked 12th firing 10 employees.

OK so these sticky fingered idiot thieves are just being fired and not prosecuted?

They should be locked up; they’ll probably get an appropriate punishment in prison.