Turkey for Thanksgiving? Check out Turkey 101


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HOUSTON, TX -Turkey day is around the corner, and if you`re in charge of the bird this year, and haven`t a clue what to do, there's help. An expert at H-E-B gives us a lesson in Turkey 101.

Your first big decision - frozen or fresh? Chef Jamie says fresh is best, but if you pick frozen, make sure you have time to properly thaw it out.  It`s best to thaw it in the fridge, and Foodsafety.gov suggests thawing about one day for every 4-5 pounds.

After cleaning out the innards, a plain bird is gross so you have to season this bad boy.

Chef Jamie reminds us, “You want to have a nice little coating, on the bird. And you want to get it underneath the skin as well.”  She says you can add basil, thyme, fresh lemons, or whatever family secret has passed through the generations.

Chef Jamie is going to bake this bird, so she`s bastes it in butter, and then wraps it in foil so it doesn`t burn.

Cook your turkey for about 20 minutes per pound, at 325 degrees, removing the foil for the last 20 minutes.

And that`s it, except for the sides, but all that`s on you.

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Cropped Photo: Ruocaled / CC BY 2.0
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