Twin brothers proving to be Class Acts at Crosby H.S.

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HOUSTON, TX — The Walter brothers may be small in size at around 5′ 8″, but not in stature. They are the big men on campus at Crosby High School. Meet twin brothers Aston and Austin Walter. They are our Class Acts of the Week.

Crosby High School pre calculus teacher Ethan Mooney says, “He (Austin) is an amazing student. I believe last semester he had the highest grades of all my pre-calc students.”

Fellow Crosby High Schoo teacher Andrew Murphy adds, “He’s (Aston) always been one of the better students. He’s just academically awesome.”

They are just as awesome on the football field. The tandem led the Cougars to a 10-2 season. The Cougars averaged over 50 points a game and much of that was fueled by the twin brothers.
Aston took care of ther air attack throwing for 31 touchdowns.
Austin took care of the ground attack by rushing for over 2600 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Austin Walter says, “I mean off the field. Me and my brother we just focus on hitting the school books hard. We have high GPAs. We’re in the top ten percent and we’re leaders around the school.”

The brothers are able to help push each to keep improving both on and off the field. That dynamic will continue since they will be taking their skills just down the road to Rice University.

Aston Walter says, “Whenever I tell them I am going to Rice, the first thing that they say. I mean they don’t say your good at football, but oh you must be really smart, so it shows that when you go into a big academic institute, it shows that I have great brains to go with my skills.”

Crosby High School footbal coach Jeff Riordan adds, “It’s going be nice to see them play at Rice and coach Bailiff and coach Patterson and that staff got tow great people. I mean not just football players, not just students but great people.”

Austin adds, “We just keep pushing each other. Hopefully it can take us to the next level. Either to get a great education or to play in the NFL.”

Again. they may be small but they’ve got big dreams.

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