Twinkies co-owner buys Playboy Mansion

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LOS ANGELES, CA –  The Playboy Mansion is off the market!

Hugh Hefner’s next door neighbor, Daren Metropoulos is copping the legendary $200 million crib.

So who is the new owner?

Metropoulos is the 32-year-old son of billionaire, Dean Metropoulos.  He helps co-manage his dad’s firm, which is famously known for saving Hostess snacks from bankruptcy. Yes, that means Twinkies!

According to Forbes Magazine, Metropoulos is frequent guest of the mansion. He and his brother, Evan hosted a party there back in 2013.

So what’s player boy, “Heff” going to do? For as long as the 90-year-old businessman lives, he can stay in his erotic castle.

Now with the Twinkies co-owner in the picture, is the house going to turn into a paradise of sexy sweet’s . . .  like something out of Katy Perry’s, “California Girls” music video?

The place is filled with history: from lavish parties to a pool, home theater, wine cellar, tennis court, gym, zoo license, and hot chicks!

Sounds like the new owner got himself a sweet deal.






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